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Last weekend i went to meet up with a Man I met online, the evening progressed as expected and we ended up in His bed together, He was very well hung at 9.5" and almost as thick as my wrist, what a magnificent ****!

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Irene, in her mid-forties, was a writer for a magazine called Ms. Penelope, stunning and brilliant at 32, was a senior editor for Ultra-Chic, a fashion publication. Irene had raised him utilizing petticoat discipline. William, her soon to be play toy, followed, very meekly.

In addition he had been sent to both beauty school and to Elite Secretarial Academy. Going to college and delivering pizza’s, unable to make ends meet and saddled with college loans he couldn’t pay on. At least a good year of school was needed to complete that. She decided to cross that bridge when she came to it. “I really wanted you for the job, so I told them you were a homosexual.

” asked Penelope Chambers, of her good friend, Irene Lane. After all, he’s worn his share of petticoats, which is the reason he moved out, in the first place,” Irene stated, quite frankly. That will give us five days to get you started into your new appearance and manner of acting,” she reminded him, much to his chagrin.

They were seated in Irene’s living room, discussing William Lane, while Irene’s sissy maid Tanya, minced and sashayed, gaily about, serving tea and cleaning up. “When I have my secretary call, I’ll make sure she tells him that Beth Danvers, the headmistress at Elite, gave us his name,” Penelope stated with a smile. He must never suspect we know each other,” Irene added. As he would say, quite frequently in the weeks to come, William answered, “Yes Ms. As you wish, ma’am.” “Come along dear, there’s lots for us to do,” Penelope smiled as she crooked her finger in a come hither fashion.

All my relationships failed because I simply am not an alpha... I had several failed attempts at meeting other guys who misled me about what they wanted... being the receiver and the submissive one wearing pretty panties, nighty's and such. At first I thought I should take the role as a top but started to really know that wasnt me. I put on my first pair of panties (Mom's) when i was 8 years old and fell in love with lingerie right then and there.