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It also may be sitting on top of a hellmouth, if that ominous glowing red light coming up through Manfred Bernardo’s (François Arnaud) floorboards is any indication.

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When the mother found the children in distress inside the car, she broke the window of the car to make the incident look like an accident, police said.

An arrest affidavit says Randolph later said her daughter refused to get out of the car so she locked both toddlers inside to teach them a lesson - thinking they'd exit on their own.

When Aubrey’s body is found in a creek and the cops – with Manfred’s psychic help – turn up a gun registered to Bobo, he gets accosted first by a pair of neo-nazis and later by two grouchy sheriffs.

Turns out Aubrey was still married to a white supremacist gang leader when she fell in love with Bobo.

'I will now try not to be sexy as I usually am when I post on Facebook.'She told the Cambodia Daily that when she was first called before culture ministry officials they 'educated me like a daughter', but she had said she had reserved the right to keep dressing as she wished.