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In 2014, a six-year-old boy was raped by the janitors at the Jakarta International School, where the kindergartener was attending.

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A gay couple could be punished with 80 lashes after vigilantes filmed them having sex in Indonesia, amid international alarm over growing restrictions on the country’s LGBT community.

They would be the first men to be caned for same-sex relations under a new code of Sharia law implemented in Muslim-majority Aceh province.

The lead prosecutor, Gulmaini, claimed the two defendants aged 20 and 23 had “confessed” to being in a gay relationship during a court hearing on Wednesday.

They were arrested after local vigilantes in the city of Banda Aceh suspected them of being a couple and set out to catch them having sex.

While the case appears to be the final straw for lawmakers, it follows several high-profile child sex crimes in the country.


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