Sexi chat na bosanskom

Izgleda da je snimak nastao u ranjim jutarnjim časovoma, jer je Maca osim što je pričala na engleskom, konstantno zevala, kopala nos, a na kraju se i pohvalila zlatnim Rolexom...

Sve znamo, sve umijemo, pomoći hocemo, a možda i nećemo.

honeyboy: how do you know im at the librarytaetae: because i can see you across the room lmaotaetae: anywys u didnt answer metaetae: whos that w utaetae: whats his namehoneyboy: why do you want to knowtaetae: bctaetae: he’s daddy af chimx2: tae why are you so fuckin thirstytaetae: no jimin u don't get it!!

taetae: u should see himtaetae: he’s so cutetaetae: but in the ‘id let u choke me’ kind of way--Yoongi suffers at the hands of their group chat; Jin has no chill, Taehyung is always thirsty, Hoseok always tries to get that Tea, Namjoon just wants normal friends, Jimin's obliviousness is a nuisance to everyone, and Jungkook is in for a wild ride when he meets all of them.

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