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This page contains all posts to the Wilkinsons Genealogical Requests Page from its inception through the end of 2005.

In September, 2006, a bulletin board system was set up to better handle the requests. Understand that I cannot verify the information below, as it is all submitted by other Wilkinson genealogists.

Welcome back to Between the Lines, where I’m in serious need of caffeine. If the details spelled out in the allegations are true, chances would seem to be good Clayton will eventually be losing his peace officer license as a result. Maybe you were among the fortunate few in this area who were able to get to a sunny spot in time for Monday’s total eclipse. Meanwhile, I’m considering making plans to travel to the site of the next total solar eclipse. 7, The Landmark will go live on the Facebook page of Ivan Foley (that’s me speaking in the third person) every Thursday at 6 p.m.

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****** The troubles continue to grow for Daniel Clayton, the controversial police chief for the tiny Village of Ferrelview, population 450.

The chief is fortunate in that his first hearing on the allegations is not until Feb. Despite all those allegations, despite the chaos his over-the-top heavily-armed and heavily-outfitted presence helps bring to the town’s atmosphere, and despite the false imprisonment and malicious prosecution civil lawsuit filed against him by an Olathe man, Clayton seems determined to try to hold on to his 20 hour per week, $15 per hour job. We were all excited and whatnot for months and just like that our precious moments of fun were taken from us. The scientists say it will happen in April of 2024. We were in the parking lot at the Platte City Price Chopper when the two minutes of totality hit. The show will last anywhere from 30 minutes till whenever the fun ends or the internet explodes, whichever comes first. Landmark Live episodes will remain on my Facebook page and on the Facebook page at The Platte County Landmark so you can later watch them at your leisure.

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