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As the Pfefferman clan continues to cope with the secrets and complications that surfaced when their “moppa” came out, we’re also drawn into another family drama.

This one plays out in 1930s Berlin, where Grandma Rose and her sister, Tante Gittel (born Gershon), lived during the Weimar period, before the cosmopolitan city's flourishing gay subculture was destroyed by the Nazis. Though we get a glimpse of Gittel in episode one, it’s not until the episode-four flashback, when the camera lingers on the entrance to Dr.

Born in 1868, the gay sexologist was never officially out, but everyone knew his partner was Karl Giese, whom he met after World War I, and who was the Institute for Sexual Science’s librarian.

After a closeted patient who’d been forced to marry committed suicide, Hirschfeld helped found the gay rights Scientific-Humanitarian Committee in 1897 — more than 70 years before the Stonewall riots.

When Allie chants, "Make me a boy...." the forces collide and by morning her wish is granted. Last night I went to see "Equinox Knocks" at the Dobie Mall. Very much to my surprise, this is actually a really good film, very much on a par with a good studio production.