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Search results can include inmate number, full name, date of birth, location, as well as caseworker name and contact information.The Vermont Department of Public Safety manages an online statewide sex offender registry where sex offender records can be searched by name or county.

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Jill Eisenstadt into a loose-knit group known as the "literary brat pack." One member would go on to win a Pulitzer; one would become better known for controversy than fiction; another would exemplify the Street.

Beyond the punks at CBGB's on the Bowery, the Mudd Club on White Street, or the Paradise Garage on King Street, it was hard to know who or what was lurking down the next block.

Two Green Mountain poet laureates -- Ellen Bryant Voigt and Galway Kinnell -- believe he should at least have served a term as Vermont's top bard.

To compensate, the former Vermonter is being honored next week with four readings around the state, one of which comes with a check and a gubernatorial proclamation. He literally pissed on a consolation-prize medal he received for almost winning a National Book Award in 1992 -- he got the gold four years later -- and he once wrote a letter turning down an invitation to read at the Clinton White House. Reluctantly is the appropriate title of his book of autobiographical essays, which offers unflinching insight into his life, including an anxiety-filled childhood, two trips to the "loony bin," homesteading in Vermont, a lifelong addiction to nicotine, attempted suicide, jazz and the numerous women in his life.

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