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LHB has been named one of the Top 150 Workplaces in Minnesota by the Star Tribune.

He’s particularly disdainful of privileged middle-class kids dabbling in the political protest movements of the day. He also possesses an almost pathological antipathy toward M. He views the organization not as an ally but more as a smug, self-important competitor in his street level fight against crime., his role is relatively small and the single scene he does appear in does little to move the narrative forward. Though Ladd’s role of Alex Campbell was originally purposed for a British actor, the producers thought having an American in the part might make the film an easier sell in the States.

To be fair, Calhoun shows little regard for the more well-heeled citizens of Britain either, tossing more than a few cynical barbs at the newly deceased snob James Manfred, O. Producer Paul Maslansky had previously worked with Lee on a number of films (including the very atmospheric and spooky black and white chiller Though the two actors would only share a single scene together – oddly, the pair would only share the briefest of moments seen together on the big screen – Maslansky recalled Lee gladly accepting the small role if only to work with Pleasence, an actor he much admired. Stories about troubled cops or ex-cops still have a foothold in movies and TV shows -- almost to the point where you wonder why so these emotionally vulnerable men and women chose a stressful career in law enforcement in the first place.

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It’s never adequately explained why in the eighty years between the tunnel collapse of 1892 and the film’s current date of 1972, the youngest and last surviving of the mining offspring has lost all of their language skills aside from a grunting, guttural mimic of the rail line’s oft-repeated conductor’s phrase “Mind the Doors.” Likewise, it’s never explained why – while searching out potential future meals on the underground platforms - the “trapped” tunnelers simply didn’t walk up the stairwells and out into the sunshine. Certainly romancing University students Campbell and Wilson wouldn’t have been begrudgingly dragged into the on-going police investigation – much in the manner of Fred and Daphne from the old cartoon series. Pleasence is a decidedly old-school policeman, a cantankerous, prudish sort who continually badgers his secretary for cups of tea.