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Felonies are usually crimes that are punishable by at least one year of jail time.

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A Raleigh man shot and killed his pregnant girlfriend, who was able to call 911 with her dying breaths, likely saving the life of her unborn, 6-month-old baby, police said.

Kimberly Dianne Richardson, 25, was able to muster the strength to alert police and medical personnel to the darkened lot behind a mall where she'd been left for dead by 25-year-old boyfriend Daniel Joseph Steele, authorities said. Authorities are investigating after a 42-year-old Arlington, Virginia woman was found stabbed to death in her home.

It's really eating huge quantities of food in a very short period of time'He ran from the crowd and stabbed Seles with a boning knife between the shoulder blades. Though it did not take long for her to heal, she had to take two years off from the sport.

Her brave admission: Monica, pictured in September 2013, said, 'It took a while until I felt comfortable talking about it.

Another roommate, University of Mary Washington student Steven Vander Briel, has been charged with first-degree murder and abduction in Mann's death.