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This is because it lies beneath the vent site (Crater Rock) for the two most recent eruptions (Old Maid at ~220 and Timberline at ~1500 years before present).The typical Mount Hood eruption involves formation of a dome at the summit, which eventually collapses under its own weight in a hot debris flow (think avalanche of superheated rocks).This is the result of a large collapse and landslide accompanying the 1500-year-old Timberline eruption.

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If you are headed into a problem, as I was, there is plenty of time to consider its nature.

By the most direct route—Interstate 90 plus a couple state highways—the distance is more than 530 miles.

The website encouraged its army to visit one of its targets, a Jewish woman who works as a real estate agent, "in person." The site ran photos of her, her child, and a Whitefish rabbi superimposed over an image of a concentration camp decorated with a yellow Nazi Germany–era Star of David identification badge.

"The Jews," a Daily Stormer post read, "are a vicious, evil race of hate-filled psychopaths...

At the urging of a website called the Daily Stormer, the trolls were calling Jewish businesses in Whitefish and delivering vile messages, as well as posting negative reviews about those businesses online.