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Prostitution is said to be the world’s oldest profession, but understanding the size and scope of this economy, and the methods and actors involved in this trade, is still a murky endeavor.

Outside the sex sold legally in Nevada, prostitution in the United States transpires in the shadows of an underground economy.

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There are no accounting records to trace, no receipts to scrutinize, and no legal records to analyze.

Simply, it is difficult to grasp the size of this economy.

“So I said to myself, ‘I’m going to see how far I can take this.”‘ Deputy District Attorneys Emily Humphrey and Renee Doak repeatedly raised objections, most of which were overruled by District Judge Jolene Blair.

Hunsaker described how their Internet “conversations” began to involve sexual relations with the children and others.

Both began sending each other nude pictures of themselves in sexual poses, according to testimony. 8, 2003, Hunsaker spent the night at the family’s apartment in Fort Collins, during which the mother had sex with Hunsaker seated next to the daughter on the living-room couch.