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Jean did the same, leaning forward, squashing her tits on her folded arms. Teri was just about to speak again when she jerked her head up, grinning madly. Her right hand was supporting the upper part of her body, keeping it off the ground.

Teri began to speak again, "so, we still take turns saying 'I've Never' - _something_, but I say we don't bother with taking a drink any more." "What would be the point of that? "I mean, there's supposed to be a - what's the word? If you actually _haven't_ ever done whatever it is, you have to do the forfeit." "Wait," interrupted Jean, "I think I know where this is going. Her left hand, meanwhile, was between her legs from underneath.

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For some people, most people, it's the most important thing they can get without being born rich or smart or stealing" [Don De Lillo Underworld]"Is sex dirty?

taboo slang), hump (taboo slang), give someone one (taboo slang), do the business, get it on (informal), go to bed with, fornicate (archaic), get your leg over (taboo slang), have your way with Quotations"The pleasure is momentary, the position ridiculous, and the expense damnable" [attributed to Lord Chesterfield]"When I hear his steps outside my door I lie down on my bed, close my eyes, open my legs, and think of England" [Lady Hillingdon]"Sex is what you can get.

But 75-year-old Sutherland totally rejects Bart's claim, calling it 'mendacious'. Not him witnessing it.' The sex scene between Julie Christie and Donald Sutherland has long been the subject of conjecture over whether it was real He added: 'From beginning to end there were four people in that room. Wires under the locked door led out side and this was twenty years before video monitors.' The four people he was referring to were himself and Christie, director Nicolas Roeg and cinematographer Anthony Richmond.


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