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As it turns out, the most popular password was “123456.” It was used by almost a million visitors.The password “12345” was used more than 635 thousand times, and “123456789,” more than 585 thousand times.

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Time to update the adage “She’s a lady in the street and a freak in the sheets.” Let’s just simplify that to: “Actually?

We’re all a bunch of freaks in the sheets – thanks, Internet! In March, a lone Darknet user exposed nearly 4 million users' data from their activity on an adult dating site.

she discovered 15 AFF spreadsheet files where a hacker known as ROR[RG] posted his stolen goods.

They were living in the “Hell Forum," a hacking forum accessible via the TOR browser, which is special software allowing access to the Darknet. It’s now back up but all the AFF data is gone and the entire thread has been deleted.”) Because extortion was involved, Robb dealt with the matter delicately.

The longest password was "pussy.password Limit Exceeded:07/1." Other popular non-numeric passwords included words related to sex and country names.