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Are there certain individuals that find more success in online dating than others?For example, is it easier for people with very specific expectations in a potential mate to find love on the internet?

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One of the bloomest ways nowadays is throughonline dating via smartphone application.

Tinder, is one of the most popular online datingapplications in recent years especially in Indonesia.

Within the realm of SNS, online dating sites like e Harmony, and even Tinder have also become popular because they are tailored to individuals looking to meet potential mates.

According to Gibbs et al (2010), over ten million Americans have a profile on at least one dating website (p. Internationally, has over twelve-million members (Gibbs, 2006, p.153).

Instead of focusing on how compatible we think one potential partner is to us, we perform joint evaluations, which make us prioritize traits that don't really matter to relationship success.