Sex chat replay - Scrappy and bambi dating

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The pair have managed to still praise each other post-breakup, with Bambi saying they’re “still friends,” and Scrappy showing her lots of “love.” Furthermore, the two were photographed together this past weekend hanging out at Six Flags with Scrappy’s daughter Emani and another pal!

Scrappy and Bambi are officially done, according to a sweet and loving post on Scrappy’s Instagram page.

But a girl has her pride and I for one totally saw her rebound coming a mile away.

You can tell when she wanted to show she was back on her feet the momet started posting pictures of her, her friends, and one “Ima be quiet after I say this tho… Lort knows that @reallilscrappy has been an amazing boo and friend in every way and he ain’t none of those things y’all say he is …

Could Bambi already have moved on with someone else?