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In 2010 a panel called “Geek Girls Exist” was held and ended up inspiring the creation of Geek Girl Con.

“[The panelists were] all there talking about geek culture because there had been all this controversy online about ‘do geek girls really exist? Female fandoms like have ruined comic-con,’” Geek Girl Con co-founder and board president Jennifer K. “So Kristin Rielly, then of the Geek Girls Network, put together this panel with nine women and the room was packed.

Check a full schedule, and keep reading for a closer look at some of the convention’s highlights.

Dressing up as your favorite character from comics, movies or TV shows — an activity known as cosplay — is an integral part of any comic convention.

The popularity of comic-book conventions was once something only certain people could enjoy; If you weren't able to snag tickets to the events in San Diego or New York City, then you were out of luck.