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I will grant you that for the most part they’re built very well and there are tons of them still around, easily found in internet auction sites, antique stores, and grand parent’s bathrooms.

But–speaking for myself–there are just too many unknowns about the true mechanical condition of a vintage razor for me to be confortable with recommending them to someone just getting into traditional shaving with a DE.

This was awesome for shavers, as it meant that you could take your safety razor wherever you went while not having to deal with the icky step of disposing of used razor blades.

You know how people say you can’t teach an old dog new tricks?

The chrome-tipped one with plain unlettered silo doors apparently was the earlier model, followed by the later one with the all-black handle and both doors saying "Schick." As far as basic color combos, there are 3 basic variations (that I know of): Not a great pic, but the only one I have from the time that I owned all three. 1 all black with Schick on both doors and 1 all black with Schick on one and Krona on the other.


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