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Marine VHF frequencies: VHF-12: Port operations VHF-13: Bridge to Bridge VHF-16: International Distress, Safety and Calling - good to hear alerts about ships about to come or go, listen for "SECURITAY SECURITAY SECURITAY" (the French pronunciation of "Security").

Costa Rica ranks a 54th in the world's human development index.

This web camera (webcam) is installed on the north edge of the crater and allows to see a very good view on the acid lake inside the volcano Poás.

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Downtown Dogs maintains an 'Open Door' policy and encourages owners to check in on their dogs throughout the day.

Please feel free to checkout the dogs, but we do ask that you not leave the cameras up, when not watching.

download the Dropcam App and click this link if the video does not appear below: R Are the courts wet or dry?

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Stewart said he doesn’t see any reason why a company, working with UC-Santa Cruz and the city on the job, couldn’t have its logo branded on the image.