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But even though the two now have a daughter together, there’s no signs that this will reconcile their tumultuous relationship.In fact, the “I’ll Be Missing You” producer announced earlier this month that he is currently dating R&B singer Faith Evans.

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photo shoot at a New York City studio on a rainy June evening, the pint-sized, caramel-complected 38-year-old sits on a folding chair, straight-faced and uneasy.

The baby comes as the “Bag on Me” rapper is buzzing like crazy.

Every night in the studio, everybody stopped doing what they were doing and started grinding.

The rapper appears to chase the victim into a corner in what looks like the hallway of a building. “Let this man #famousdex @famousdex stay at my place,” she wrote in an Instagram post along with the video. And is THIS the type of person a great company [email protected] #puma chose to represent their brand. I hope this spreads through the Internet and shows these young people what Young Dexter is about. But you truly hurt yourself.” Apparently Dex addressed the situation on Twitter, in since-deleted tweets obtained by Akademiks TV. It’s justice.” Take a look at the tweets and text messages below.