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The '80s were even tougher for O'Neal, even though he appeared regularly onscreen.Most of his films during that period were forgettable – with the sole exception being (1984).Millions of people were given a revealing insight into her desperate battle to live after US TV aired a one-hour special on her search for a cure last month.

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The 62 year old actress was diagnosed with rectal cancer in 2006 and had surgery to remove a tumour.

A year later she discovered the cancer had returned and despite experimental treatment in Germany found the disease had spread through her body.

The film was a smash hit and landed O'Neal an Oscar nomination.

Two more starring roles followed this success but it was not until he played an uptight professor who finds himself beleaguered by a free-spirited, love-struck Barbra Streisand in Peter Bogdanovich's (1979) which reteamed him with Streisand.

The documentary Farah's Story was watched by over nine million people and praised for its candid look at cancer.