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POSTER SIZES These are some of the most common sizes (height x width), however it’s important to remember that sizes can still vary from poster to poster.Great Britain GB Half Sheet (22" x 28") GB Quad (30" x 40") GB Double Crown (30" x 20") GB Double Crown (20" x 30") GB One Sheet (40" x 27") GB Three Sheet (81" x 40") GB Six Sheet (81” x 81”) (though this can vary by a couple of inches) GB Liftbill (22.5" x 16") GB Door Panel (60" x 20") GB Door Panel (66" x 22") USA US One Sheet (41" x 27") US Half Sheet (22" x 28") US Insert (36" x 14") US Window Card (22" x 14") US Three Sheet (81" x 41") US Subway (41" x 54") US 40 x 60 (60" x 40") US Six Sheet (81" x 81") (though this can vary by a couple of inches) Australia OZ Daybill (30" x 13") OZ One Sheet (40" x 27") OZ Three Sheet (80" x 41") France French Petite (22" x 15") French Affiche (43" x 24") French Affiche (30" x 22") French Grande (63" x 47") Italy Italian Locandina (13" x 27") Italian One Sheet (28" x 39") Italian Two Foglio (55" x 39") Italian Four Foglio (55" x 78") Italian Photobusta (14" x 20") Italian Photobusta (18" x 26") Germany German A1 (23" x 33") German A0 (46" x 33") Japan Japanese B0 (40" x 58") Japanese B1 (40" X 29") Japanese B2 (20" x 29") Others Argentinian One Sheet (29" x 43") Belgian Affiche (14" x 19-22") Danish One Sheet (24" x 33") Mexican One Sheet (26" x 39") Spanish One Sheet (27" x 39") Swedish One Sheet (23" x 33") Swedish One Sheet (27" x 40") CONDITION GRADING Remember, all our posters are genuine vintage originals, many being well over 50 years old, so will show to a lesser or greater degree their history and character… **** EXCELLENT: minimal wear and possible light handling *** V GOOD: light wear with possible pin holes and edge nicks ** GOOD: intact, but with possible tears, pin holes and stronger handling * FAIR: heavy wear, tears and possible paper loss.Damage which can be very expensive to put right (if it’s possible to fix at all) and should never have happened.

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The most interesting people tonight will probably be the presenters. Hopefully your drunk ass is sitting at home with your box of wine and a bag of Doritos, in which case, might I suggest you take a big gulp of your jug o’ wine every time: 1.

Ryan Seacrest comes on to a male celebrity on the red carpet.

All that media scrutiny had nearly turned me crazy, and there was no way I was going back there again.

I was in a happy place, and I was not going back into that darkness.

I couldn't see a future of doing anything other than performing. I would have settled for performing in any capacity.22.