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Apply a thin coating to the inside of the garment and your skin if necessary (3) The 3rd method of reducing or eliminating the high friction of latex when dressing is to chlorinate the rubber Rubber can easily be marked or torn with fingernails if excessive force is used when pulling on your garment.

Never contact with copper, brass or bronze Never expose latex to essential oils Never expose your garment to naked flame and fire as rubber burns Polishing To shine, we recommend you use a silicone based polish, such as 'Eros Bodyglide' or 'Eros Cult Dressing Aid' Never shine using furniture polish and avoid oil-based lubricants and creams Do not rub the outer surface of your garment too hard, or with a rough cloth to avoid scratching Cleaning Wash rubber garments in warm water. Always wipe away excess ater with a soft towel and leave to dry flat or hung up to drip dry perfect.. had a shower and put them on using soap as lube and presto smell gone. Bit of a giggle but in use excellent couldn't feel anything, but she could.

That impossible-not-to-bite rubber nipple on the end of your pencil is not there to erase mistakes.

If that were the case, it would be white and not pink. The conditions are right for rubber, which is organic, sustainable, biodegradable liquid wood, to bounce back into our affections.

Of all materials, rubber is the most human, the most tactile, and friendly, the most biddable; its surface most skin-like, its consistency most flesh-like.