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He returned to "the Mighty Met" and was there when the plug was pulled on February 6, 1987.

Listen for Jim's voice in the MGM movie In 1994, producer Howard W.

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As a suicidal man (Mark Rosenthal) stands on a roof ready to throw himself off the building, his friends gather to try to convince him not to do it. See full summary » A weekend in a summer house, where six late twenties friends have reunited.

A series of life crises force them to confront their relationships and lives, leading them to discover what it really means to grow up.

In the film, men refer to women as “beautiful babies” and as “business class,” or too overweight to fly coach.

The guys debate how long they should wait to call their babies (three to six days)—though Mikey calls his immediately, much to his friends’ chagrin.

But is going to have a very long life.”The movie focuses on the insecure Mikey (Favreau), who just moved to L. “We’re all Mikes, but we all want to be Trents,” Liman says.