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When Robyn was 12 she recorded the theme song for a popular Swedish television show after being spotted by Swedish pop star Meja during a music workshop done at her schoo.Meja was blown away by Robyn and convinced her label Ricochet Records to sign her straight away.She was born Robin Miriam Carlsson, the daughter of two actors who supported and nurtured her creative side.

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You have things that are killing you, aging, dancing on your own, etc. There are a couple obvious subjects I’m dealing with, and one is my body.

Your album is called and many of the songs are, in their own way, very physical. But you picked it up, and that’s how I’m looking at it too.

A debut album of R&B-influenced pop in 1995 saw her paired with future Britney-hitwrangler Max Martin, and the global success of the sweet, soulful single `Show Me Love' in 1997 cemented Robyn as an bonified pop star.

Shellshocked by the lack of artistic control offered by her label, however, Robyn migrated to a sister company for her third album, but felt disillusioned by their attempt to ship her to America to be shoehorned into the pre-fabricated boy-toy template that was depressingly omnipotent in 2002. I wasn't doing what I wanted to." In 2003, Robyn returned home, defeated, to Stockholm.

You’ve done a better job at bridging those things, you proved that you can write dance music that’s not for stupid people. R: I think people are starting to change their idea about what dance music is here, which is nice because this is where a lot of it started.