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PHILADELPHIA (CBS)–Mayor Jim Kenney confirmed Tuesday that he recently received a letter from the federal government, notifying him that he was picked up on a wiretap of Local 98 union boss John Dougherty.FBI agents raided Dougherty’s South Philadelphia home last August, but the investigation has been out of the public eye.

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What it almost always involved was some sort of collective action or protest to force employers to deal with that particular issue."Recent examples of union and nonunion activism include protests at the newly opened Crowne Plaza Detroit Downtown Convention Center, formerly the Hotel Pontchartrain, and walkouts by nonunion fast-food workers throughout metro Detroit and across the country.

Unite Here Local 24 has been protesting at the Crowne Plaza since the July opening for fairer wages for workers at the nonunionized hotel, said Heidi Hughes, director of the union."Detroit is coming back, they are building new hotels and the occupancy rates are up," Hughes told earlier this month.

"The system of fighting back is pervasive; it's well beyond just the ranks of unionized labor."Activism transformed? Library of Congress, union membership fell to 3 million in 1933, from 5 million a decade earlier."We are heading toward what I would call a pre-New Deal environment when the unions were smaller and dispersed," Zullo said.

Roland Zullo, research scientist at the University of Michigan's Institute for Research on Labor, Employment and the Economy, said Michigan, along with the rest of the country, is on the precipice of an unorganized, more activist workforce similar to that of the Great Depression. "They tended to sort of pop up in areas where there was local strength.

However, with Michigan's hourly wages, adjusted for inflation, at the lowest rate in more than 30 years, a new labor movement is afoot.