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They are also used as offensive and defensive weapons when male deer fight over pairing with a female.

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The substance is typically powdered before being presented in supplement form. The velvet is available in various delivery forms, such as liquids, capsules, tablets and lozenges. Deer antler may be offered as part of performance-oriented formulas that include other nutrients, including herbal extracts.

Seek advice from a health care provider prior to taking the velvet or starting any supplement regimen. Deer antler RDA vary widely, with many products containing between 10 and 35 mg of the active ingredient.

Bucks are physiologically ready to breed at 1.5 years old, but in areas with balanced sex ratios, they may not have the opportunity for several years because older bucks dominate the does.

258 Deer Run Lane is a scenic two story, three bedroom home with an additional sleeping area in loft area upstairs.

Considered a “yang” tonic for masculine energy, it was believed to help support muscle strength, stamina, stress resistance, robust vitality and ideal sexual performance in men.** This traditional reputation, which has sustained over centuries, has made antler velvet a popular compound for athletes and those who regularly engage in strenuous physical activity.** IGF deer antler velvet contains numerous natural compounds, including amino acids, proteins and peptides.