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These rainy day date ideas are also great ideas you can use year round or on a hot summer day when you’d rather be in air conditioning than in the hot sun. Most areas have indoor ice skating rinks for hockey leagues and school teams.

Here are 15 unique romantic rainy day date ideas to try the next time the weather forecast has you stuck indoors. Find out where the nearest indoor ice skating rink is and make sure they offer ice skate rentals. Bowling is a great way to talk with each other and have a little competitive fun. A book store is the perfect place for a rainy day date.

Make it a point to splash your feet in every puddle that comes across your path.

Afterwards, return home for some hot chocolate and dry towels.

It doesn’t really matter what you make as long as you both enjoy it. You choose certain themes, actors, or catch up on your favorite television series to make it more of a “marathon”. You can be as serious or as silly as you want to be taking pictures of each other around the house.