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The more you mingle, the more people you’ll meet and matches you’ll get, increasing your chances of winning a great cash prize at the end of the evening! A Queen Of Hearts event is not rigid or formal, you can relax and mingle at your own pace.

It’s fun, there’s no pressure, and you can talk to whomever you’d like for as long as you like.

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– Barbara J., Site Jabber 1/11/2017statistics speak for themselves: more than 23.5 million active members in 24 countries, 15 languages offered and over two decades of experience.

The perfect icebreaker for singles, the Queen Of Hearts Party is a fun and exciting way to mingle and potentially meet that perfect match. It starts off with everyone getting a card, each singleton will then have the opportunity to mingle and chat to loads of eligible singles while looking for the individual that has your matching card.

Their expectations have to be realistic,"she says, "I have so many suprises.

Short men, virgins in their late 20s, academic Africans that are searching for a partner. " In her portal are a few hundred professors, doctors, academics, ordinary people, jewellers, managers of leading food franchises, civil engineers, wine farm managers, retired people, business people, university lecturers... Apart from a discreet match-making service, the Kingdom of Hearts network also hold functions every once in a while so that members can meet.

This party allows for you to be as forward as you want to be – work the room like a social animal, or stand back and let people come to you!