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My father was a loving man but not an emotionally expressive one until the tail end of his life.It took the passing of my mother for him to finally let down some of his guard and show some real emotion.He may not see that you stay with him as a conscious choice. “The training kicks in” means something very different to him.

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They have asked me to write something for their families, from my unique position as soldier, wife, and physician. War is horrible, but there is nothing like a life-and-death fight to make you feel truly alive.

These are generalizations; not all veterans have these reactions, but they are the concerns most commonly shared with me. The adrenaline rush is tremendous, and can never be replaced.

(scroll past discussion to end of article for full list of 50 items) In my experience, PTSD causes an extreme amount of stress, not only for the partner who has PTSD but for both partners as well as children and extended family members if there are any in the picture.

Both partners may suffer from a sense of exhaustion because PTSD burns up energy like nothing else.

Getting people back into being in a relationship with someone else is important.”“Some veterans have very mixed feelings about being a civilian again,” Tanenbaum continued. It’s very hard to tell your family, ‘I don’t want to be here with you. My husband is a Marine, but he’s not my brother; he’s my husband, so treating each other not like Marines but as a couple is funny sometimes.”“I fell madly in love with an Iraq War veteran, and I was convinced that was the type of person I needed to be with,” Hoit said.