Problem updating adobe reader 8 1 5

If you still want this PDF reader, below is how to install Adobe Reader (Acroread) 9 in Ubuntu 14.10 from the Canonical Partners repository for Precise (12.04). Open up terminal by pressing Ctrl Alt T on keyboard.

When it opens, paste the command below and hit enter to add the repository: Type in your user password when it asks.

If you need native Adobe Reader support on Linux, 9.x is your only option!

problem updating adobe reader 8 1 5-30

First, please check to see if the PDF opened in another browser window.

There is a range of possible reasons for problems with reading PDFs, including various security changes made by software vendors such as Microsoft, different versions of operating systems and web browsers, and problems with the installation of Adobe Reader.

We apologize for any inconvenience that you are experiencing.

Please try the following solutions that we hope will help you to resolve the issue.

Just to add a note that unless you really need Adobe Reader's advanced features, you might want to try an alternative reader like Evince, e PDFview or (my favorite) Zathura, which besides being Free Software, are less likely to be target of PDF exploits (in part, because they don't support risky features like embedded scripting).