signs of dating a loser - Priyanka chopra dating ronaldo

Looking forward to the game tonight and the party after! The actress trip to the US to promote her album is catching a lot of attention.

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Priyanka Chopra and Cristiano Ronaldo bond in a great way. Man of the match Cristiano & Exotic @priyankachopra meet post game! Priyanka latest song in ‘Exotic’ is with international rapper Pitbull and the actress was in the US for a long time to promote her new album.

Before the soccer game on Wednesday, Priyanka Chopra tweeted: “A beautiful day in #MIAMI. At the start of the match, Piggy Chops were seen on the football pitch with the two teams and referees.

And while it was painful, Ronaldo managed to drag his brother out of an alcohol and drug addiction. " Ronaldo high-fives him, revealing that the Lambo tyre blew up.

The star considers his agent Jorge Mendes as a father figure. sometimes Ronaldo's precocious six-year-old son Cristiano Jr has a task one day after school — name the missing car in daddy's swanky garage. He belts out Rihanna's 'Stay' passionately On a long flight, he pauses in the right places, sings loudly along to Ri Ri's ballad, then goads his teammates who sheepishly applaud him. He isn't going steady Ronaldo got out of a five-year relationship with model Irina Shayk, has dated other celebrities and was even rumoured to have shared a kiss with Bipasha Basu. As he revealed in a recent interview, he is seeing "a few" women. Ronaldo's inner circle only includes older brother Hugo Aveiro, a couple of friends and super agent Jorge Mendes. Ronaldo is busy being a single dad, or working out on his sleek exercise cycle planted within his indoor swimming pool.

But there's no mention of a relationship in the movie.


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