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In auction listing and in online storefronts, sellers are limited to a maximum number of characters in an item title and on other sites you might find a limit on the number of characters in your ad description as well.

Abbreviations lets a seller say more about the item without going over the character-length requirements.

When it comes to purchasing health insurance either for you or to family, then you will come across many more doubts, like how much insurance is suffice for you, whether you can afford it or not, which one to buy and much more.

That is the reason usually insurance companies load your premium when they incur a higher loss in particular age group segment (even though you do not have any claims in previous years).

When company A and company B have a same incurred claim ratio then it is hard for you to judge who settled claims quickly.

For some time I attributed it to a seller's unwillingness -- or laziness -- to use proper words when listing an item.

When I put my first item up for sale on e Bay I immediately understood the importance of using abbreviations in the listing.

With the growing popularity of online buying and selling, Internet and online classified lingo has also grown.