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The reported text messages accuse Stewart of being abusive, though Williams has said on this season, we saw Williams pushing her man to possibly be her baby daddy, but he wanted to take things slow in that department.

Recently, Williams has said they are figuring things out when it comes to their future in that area and she told In Touch: On the show this season, Stewart tells Williams he got in trouble at work over posts on social media with his woman.

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reunion shoot on Thursday, and info is already leaking about some of the bombshells that are getting dropped when the ladies finally face each other and all their messiness over the season on the couch with Andy. According to All About The Tea…sources from the set reveal that a MAJOR bomb was dropped on the show.

Some “tea,” as the ladies like to say, that might prove Kandi’s claims that Porsha is the “freak ho” of the century and has no room to make up ridiculous rumors about lesbihonest date-rape.

This season, the former football wife opened up about her latest relationship, detailing the ups and downs of their exciting — and at times troubled — partnership.

The source claims to have run into Todd at a Birmingham, Alabama club where he gave up the goods on his work relationship with the 35-year-old.

Word is…Kandi’s husband Todd drops the info that before there was “frick and frack,” Porsha was scheming on Phaedra’s felon bae Apollo Nida.