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20131023: AFFECTS: users of lang/perl5.12 lang/perl5.14 AUTHOR: [email protected] The default Perl has been switched to lang/perl5.16.These examples are for switching from lang/perl5.14, if you are running another version, replace lang/perl5.14 with the origin of the Perl you have installed.While this is all true, there is still a gap for a good package manager that needs filling.


If you want to verify the Duo Mac Logon application settings you can view the To test your setup, attempt to log in to your newly-configured system as a user enrolled in Duo.

The Duo Prompt appears after you successfully submit your mac OS credentials.

Using "any" in the PKGBUILD means that the package will be marked as suitable for "any", which is misleading.

@x33a: This is not about archicture specific _code_.

Since cron actually forks and returns an exit status of 0 to the parent process (in this case, systemd), systemd assumes that cron died and tries to restart it ad infinitium.


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    And another question is: i wrote some simple apps here and in windows at college they were using getch() but it didnt work in linux, so i read that i had to change that to getchar() but getchar() isnt waiting for user input at all, is there any other way to wait for a user to press a key before exiting the app?

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