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Pepsi expiration dating

Even Pepsi executives acknowledge that until last year, when the company started testing freshness dating in five cities, shoppers had rarely displayed any interest in, much less concern over, the freshness of their soft drinks.

"I would assume 'I'm going to have a nice, fresh Diet Pepsi' is not part of the consumer vocabulary," Mr. "But consumer interest in dates, labels, freshness is exploding," he added.

Personally I think that these "drink-by-dates" that they have on sodas know are just some kind of marketing ploy. No, I guess it does go kinda stale, tastes funny, but I don't think it's really spoiled, just "off". Wearia My best friend and I actually rather enjoy a slightly aged brew (Coke).

Many of the Coke/Pepsi bottling plants are not owned by the corporation itself, but are franchises operated by local owners.

It is very acidity so, things cant live in it very well, so go ahead and put that Pepsi on some Ice and drink it!!!