Paul rudd dating jennifer aniston

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Universal’s comedy about a married New York couple who end up living on a hippie commune, is packed with hilarious moments, due in part to the talented work of stars Paul Rudd and Jennifer Aniston.

Rudd and Aniston star as George and Linda in David Wain’s latest comedy, due to hit theaters on February 24.

Though their relationship is in tatters, they have that believable but-we're-each-other's person thing going down pat, probably thanks to The deal: I know, not a lot of us saw the first one.

Suffice to say, it takes Paul the whole darn movie to convince Reese to be with him.

“We just have a true affection for each other and I just feel honored any time I get to work with him.” VIDEO: Jennifer Aniston and Paul Rudd Stumble Into a Hippie Community in ' Wanderlust' Trailer Aniston’s current real-life beau, Justin Theroux, also stars in the film as one of the hippies living on the commune. The film also stars Malin Akerman, Alan Alda and Kathryn Hahn.