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The mystery surrounding why exactly a Swedish diplomat was selling smuggled pantyhose in a Moscow kiosk grew on Tuesday as the Swedish foreign ministry alleged the Russian media portrayal of the incident was a deliberate smear attempt.“They've presented the story in a way which deliberately sullies the diplomat's reputation,” Swedish foreign ministry spokesperson Anders Jörle told The Local.

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It only made sense, because the ink for my old, terminally dysfunctional printer (which started malfunctioning approximately 2.3 seconds after looking at it out of the box) was going to cost about the same as just buying a new printer. Farthings, by the way, equal a haypenny and a sheckel, plus a bag of brussels sprouts. Not even when I tried to print something off in black.

This is commonly known; look it up on any currency exchange site. Just the magenta, which is funny, since the booklet was black and white.

The old printer is sitting in the garage, waiting for me to take it to a recycling center or refashion it as a trendy hip-hop necklace. It worked perfectly, long enough so that I could print out a 10-page booklet on how to care for printers. Five more pages into printing, all three color cartridges showed low ink. To be fair, the next five pages were photos of my cat.