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    They also encourage knowledge and self-improvement in all areas of life) - ambitious and achieving (ENTJs have many dreams and ambitions and paired with their need to finish things they start it usually gets them to where they want) - planner, tries to prepare for everything (They believe that luck is on the side of the prepared and always have a few backup plans in their head if things go wrong) - cool headed (Able to endure lots of stressful situations and stay calm in a crysis) - usually don't have many fears because they rationalize everything (They are also thrill seeking, and take calculated risks which might seem like living on the edge while ENTJs believe they're in control) - organized, scheduled and orderly (like most judging personalities they try to have a structured, organized approach to life) - can be self centered, arrogant or even narcissistic (ENTJs are smart and they want everyone to know it.