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After living at thirteen years, the company was finally able to purchase com — details here — adopt it as its name, and design a new identity and packaging around it, which was designed by Pentagram partner Michael Bierut, quite literally this time: the logo and type are based on his own hand-drawn alphabet, digitized by Jeremy Mickel.

The identity is complemented with nut character illustrations by Christoph Niemann.

If I don’t administer a life-saving shot of epinephrine into my thigh and get to a hospital within ten minutes of having accidentally ingested a nut (be it through eating a cookie or kissing), my throat will close and my heart will stop.

I’m so allergic that locking lips with someone who’s eaten nuts can be enough to kill me.

And you don't have to commit to anything beyond one date, though you may have such a great time you end up wanting to get together again and again.