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Otherwise, skip to Comprehensive Installation Instructions section.To download and install Apache Open Office 4.x, follow this checklist: This section describes in detail how to install Apache Open Office on your computer system.Oddly enough the subform updates ok but not the Listbox in the main form. It is a shame that Base is still very limited and buggy, but hopefully this will get better in the future.

The query (Query1) extracts data from another table (Table2). When opening the form, the Listbox loads correctly the output of the query (Query1). I also have a refresh button linked to the refresh form action in the main form. Check the contents of the listbox (click the arrow on the right)4. Check the contents of the listbox again (click the arrow on the right)Even though the table fields were updated (you can see this in the table subform) the Listbox contents is not updated. I tried the very same thing in MS Access and it seems to work there.

If I keep the form open and update the contents of Table2, the Listbox is not updated to reflect the new information. The contents of the Listbox are only updated if I close and reopen the form. Change field1 or field2 in the table subform (or change field1 or field2 directly in Table2) keeping Form1 open5. I created exactly the same setup I created in Base.

If the update takes too long, you can abort it by pressing Esc. Certain fields are not affected by performing an update because they do not pull information from a source that can be changed.

For example, the update whenever there is a change in pagination or item sequencing, respectively.

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