Nintendo wii updating frozen

The high-profile case that's sparked the tales of woe came from Ben Fritz, film business reporter for the LA Times.

nintendo wii updating frozen-69

A number of you in North America likely have your shiny new Wii U setup, and you've probably installed the day one update that's required for access to features such as Miiverse and the e Shop.

According to reports out in the Twitter-sphere, however, you may also be one of a small minority that's inadvertently bricked your Wii U.

No additional steps required, you can return to your regularly scheduled gameplay.

Pressing the power button in once may not do anything when your Switch is frozen, but there's a hardware reboot in that power button that will work no matter what.

The problem I had, and most other problems have the Wii operator sitting and looking at the screen for minutes on end until finally being greeted with a nice little error code. First, think back if you've suddenly had these problems since the last time you updated the Wii.