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Early treatment for glaucoma can usually (but not always) slow the progression of the disease. Because glaucoma has no obvious initial symptoms and is a chronic condition that must be managed for life, regular comprehensive dilated eye exams, consistent monitoring, and…Many Vision Aware readers write to us, inquiring about the effectiveness of supplements for treating age-related macular degeneration (AMD). Do they match the recommendations of the landmark…A retina with wet AMD Of all the eye research developments reported on the Vision Aware blog, it is stem cell research for eye disease that generates the most inquiries from our readers.

Many readers also request clarification of the claims made by companies that produce a now-staggering array of eye health supplements: Do these supplements cure AMD? Many readers request information about stem cells, assuming that this is an established and widely-performed treatment for eye disease; others ask for help in finding a doctor who will administer "stem cell treatments." In response to these inquiries, my message is always the same: "Although stem cell research for eye disease has produced a small number of interesting results, it is in its very earliest safety-testing…As our readers know, Vision Aware is committed to providing current and reliable information about eye and vision research that is relevant to adults and older adults, many of whom experience late-life vision loss resulting in low vision.

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Prostitution in Chicago and all over the United States has changed a great deal since the Pretty Woman movie´s 1990 release.

A growing body of diabetes, vision, and health care research indicates that significant disparities in the quality and equity of eye care exist throughout the United States, specifically within African American patient communities.


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