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He had Australian residency, but came originally from a Hindu family in Sri Lanka, whereas her family were devout Roman Catholics.

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Marites* vividly remembers growing up in grinding poverty in a wooden shack perched on stilts above the putrid waters of Manila Bay, an hour’s drive south of the Philippines’ capital, but a million miles from the glitzy hotels and high-rises of the city’s commercial heart.

One of a family of five, she had little schooling and fell pregnant as a teenager.

On top of all that, she spoke not a word of English – when he persuaded her to go on a date, she had to take a girlfriend along to translate his billing and cooing. When he kissed her goodbye and promised to return from Australia to visit her she thought that was the last she would see of him – but a few weeks later he was back and he moved in to live with with Marites and her family in their hut on stilts.

Nevertheless, Marites thought he was good-looking, he dressed smartly, he appeared to have money… That lasted a few months before Malcolm had a falling-out with her mother, and they had to move into rented rooms.

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