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We singularly failed to do the former and latter, and going monthly didn't happen for another two years after its eventual launch in June 2004, but those four years have been testament to the fact that if you believe enough in something, you can make it work - even if it means having to live in your mother's loft for 1 8 months.

Those four years have also been testament to the fact that sustaining a music magazine is hard graft- just look at the number of titles that have crashed or burned in the same period - but despite the hurdles, Plan 6 is in better creative shape than ever before and it's something I'm massively proud to have been involved in starting.

Prosecutors allege that during the four days he was missing, Dougherty flew to Dallas and had sex with the boy at a hotel.

They then both traveled to Wisconsin where they continued sexual relations, the Associated Press reported.

Finlandia Caviar is located at Eteläranta 20 in Helsinki.