My sister is dating an alcoholic

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Her alcohol-fried brain could not register the person standing in front of her was her own sister. Now my sister was asking him to call me, another complete stranger. An hour earlier, I had been on the phone to Bianca. My sponsor of sorts, from the "we have a family member who is a drunk" support network.

It's not like she is a little bit of a drunk, or a sometimes drunk — she has been on a non-stop bender for months. It was exactly a month ago that I got the call to get to the airport to retrieve my sister from security. When I showed up at the airport, she didn't know me. He identified himself, saying he was calling from Central Station. I sensed he had stopped when he saw my sister on the country train platform, simply because he saw she needed help. My sister was lucid-ish and, to the untrained eye, not immediately obvious as drunk. He just didn't know he was about to be caught up in "the crazy" that a drunk, like my sister, whirls around in.

- and though he will (because he is unable to) brook no contradiction to his will, the addict is nevertheless completely controlled by and under the thumb of his addiction.

In fact his behavior is not determined by his own will at all but by the will of the addiction that now constitutes and constructs his reality.

Though such satiation and gratification may be transiently obtained they are inherently ephemeral, indeed, self-undermining states that are quickly followed by a return of the original distress.