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It’s callow, sordid behavior made somehow acceptable by the use of Hallmark Card language and a really fly hotel room.

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Mr Lissack described how he got the idea for the app last year after participating in debates about a sexual-assault policy at Harvard University in Massachusetts.

With today’s young and tech-savvy generation, the businessman said “there had to be a better way” to ensure that both people involved had consented to sexual activity.

For all its excesses and absurdities, TV can be too good to us, excessively flatter us.

For example, TV thinks that, unlike the best coaches and most advanced technology in the world, we know, at a glance, what is wrong with Tiger Woods’ swing.

According to the website, the mutual ‘yes’ between both parties is “available only to law enforcement, upon judicial order, or as evidence in a college or university sexual assault disciplinary proceeding.” Videos are not otherwise available to users and cannot be hacked, he said.