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Jack Roslovic was actually drafted with what was a Sabres first round pick. 2.52 Sabres drafted Brendan Guhle (pick was actually 51 overall Peterborough – 60 5-19-24 -4 46 The Sabres made the right selection with Guhle.

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"Imagine the person who the coolest people in the world think is the coolest, most intimidating, mysterious person that they know -- that they all want to hang out with.

And that's Phil Ivey."Hyperbolic, to be sure, but the description that Chad Millman, vice president, editorial director, ESPN Domestic Digital and ESPN's resident gambling expert, gives Phil Ivey at the opening of 30 for 30 Podcasts' "A Queen of Sorts" isn't too far from the truth.

Marketers have incredible potential to scale company growth using Facebook for business purposes…when done right.

The challenge, however, is that many miss on some crucial functions and best practices with Facebook for business which can negate its effectiveness.

It looks like this year he’ll be delivering presents via drone lift.