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Introduction Kinship and social structure Food Food as gift Gifts Instead of gifts Clothes Footwear Malaria Miscellania Creepy crawlies Maps Company Photos Prices Transport Guide book Visas and permits Last comment People sometimes write to me asking for information about much everything to do with travelling and living in PNG, such as food, security, transport, suitable gifts, diseases and so forth.

On this page I have basically put together bits that I have written to various people, hoping that it might provide some answers to others.

She replied: “Well look I have friends in politics across many parties, but what I spoke to the Prime Minister about yesterday was the need for a categoric assurance that talking with the DUP would not result in any rollback of any LBGT rights in the rest of the UK.

“Because as the Conservative Party, we are the party of equal marriage, we introduced it to the House of Commons.

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