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Don’t bust your budget When your parents give you the freedom to hang with your girls solo at the mall on the weekend, they’re also giving you free rein over your bank account.Remember, you're a babe on a budget, so getting a part-time job and handling your money responsibly is *essential*. Instead of heading to your desk to struggle solo, join a study group that can make the most of manpower—and explain concepts you’re not getting.

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But, unless you’re really sick or have a family emergency, it’s best to sit your bum in that seat.

It can be really hard to catch up on even just one class in high school, so if you can be there, then, well, be there.

From “Knocked Up” to “Beauty and the Beast,” Hollywood tells no shortage of tales where the “nice guy” gets his dream girl in the end.

And even in real life, we've all watched a couple walk down the street and wondered, “How did he pull off?

) those of us whose 14-year-old milkshakes didn't bring the boys to the yard may be the better for it, according to a new study out of the University of Georgia.