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However, after getting himself in trouble at age 17, his parents sent him for a three-month stint on the oil rigs to work with his grandfather.

Now: At 61, Vel Johnson is getting a bit old to be a credible cop.

But that hasn’t slowed his career down, and he is currently playing recurring roles as a newspaper reporter on ‘Hart of Dixie’ and a reverend on ‘Mike and Molly.’ He also spoofed his past characters with a recent Funny or Die short where he proposed a ‘Family Matters’/’Taken’ mash-up movie.

Thanks in large part to Urkel, whose nerdy clumsiness and catchphrases (“Did I do that??

”) made him into pop cultural phenomenon, ‘Family Matters’ delivered solid ratings for ABC between 19.

WORDS BY AMBER MCKYNZIE The Winslow’s were one of America’s favorite TV families in the ’90s—and there’s no doubt that they still are today.